Forge Your Destiny

Welcome to Sword Art: Legacy. This project is dedicated to recreating the world of Aincrad in Minecraft, through the use of hand-built worlds, unique client and server modifications, and to tie it all together, a lovingly-crafted storyline accompanying players from the Town of Beginnings, to the Ruby Palace.
Meet an entire cast of NPCs who live in the sprawling wilderness of Aincrad’s many floors, and grow stronger as you face down fearsome, customized monsters, who will challenge you as you fight your way to the Boss Room.
Share the experience dynamically with a 24/7 community of other players, and work together to achieve victory in raids, dungeons, PvP and ever-changing server events.

We Want You!

Sword Art: Legacy is searching for new members to join the development team - from writers to artists, and java developers to architects. All are welcome to join a budding community project to make a recreation of Sword Art Online in Minecraft!


Below we will be adding sneak peek screenshots of our progress, and hope you enjoy!

Adventure Awaits

You can join our world using the Technic Launcher - simply click and install, join the server, and get ready to explore hundreds of hours of unique gameplay experience.

If you want to help conribute to the art and development of Sword Art: Legacy, please join our Discord server, and get in touch with us there!

Join Our Discord

Joining the discord server will allow you to keep track of everything we have planned for the current and future of Sword Art: Legacy. You'll also be able to help contribute ideas, meet some of our other members, form teams, establish guilds and take part in contests and events!

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‘’Trust The Rat’’

Everything can be found if you know who to ask - so... ask me. Mind you, that won't come for free... nehehehe.

Argo Informant and Information Broker
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‘’Hmm. Mmmmm.’’

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‘’Thumbs Up’’

An immersive community experience - rekindle your love for minecraft here.

Jessica Burns
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‘"Pay To Look Cool’’

There's no pay to win system - just cosmetics so you can look cool while kicking ass

Evelyn Scott
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A Quick

As you've probably noticed, things are not complete around here, by any stretch of the imagination. We're working our hardest to bring our goals to life by the new year of 2020. We'd like to thank you for your interest in Sword Art: Legacy, and hope you will join us in the quest to clear all 100 floors of Aincrad.