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The rules of the community are fairly common sense, and we believe that most people wouldn't even have to read these to understand why we have them in place. Please help us to keep the community safe and fun for players of all ages by keeping the cussing down to a minimum and not posting anything that could be considered dodgy.
All players and members of this site are required to abide by the following rules, whether in-game, on our discord server or using our forums - no-one is exempt from these rules, not even staff:
  • Do not endorse or joke about self-harm, or harm to others. Be wholesome. Respect all users and staff. Do not harass other users on this server or in DMs. Any racial/hateful slurs or slang posted on this server will result in punishment, trolling included.
  • Do not spam. Do not send random or irrelevant messages to derail discussions. Excessive spam such as copypasta will result in an instant mute. This rule applies to voice channels. Being obnoxious in VC will result in punishment.
  • Do not advertise or self-promote without permission, this includes, Discord Servers, YouTube Accounts, Twitch, Paypal etc. If you would like to advertise with us, please contact an Administrator.
  • No uploading/posting unsafe items. Do not post links to malicious websites, pirated software, cracks etc. Do not upload non-image/video files. Do not post shortened links. Malicious links are detected automatically, and the user(s) who posted them will receive appropriate action.
  • Do not post NSFW (Not Safe For Work) - material of a pornographic or disturbing nature is not to be posted anywhere on the website or discord server, including, but not limited to, child pornography, sexual or physical abuse, discrimination, or gore. This also includes fanart depicting pornographic or disturbing content.
  • No inappropriate profiles. Users with bad names will be nicknamed at the discretion of staff. Bad names include zalgo, blank names, unusual unicode, political views, attention seeking names, overly lengthy usernames, slurs, or any other offensive material. NSFW avatars will be removed.
  • This is an English speaking community, so please speak English. I understand this may be difficult for some, but it's even harder for us to manage. If we can expand our community enough to have regulated international language forums, we may add that feature in the future.
Thanks for reading the rules! Get back out there, and good hunting!
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