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Registering your guild is encouraged for anyone who wants to organise guild activities, such as 'scrimming' or 'raids'. While the process is mostly done in-game, we strongly advise you to have your guild registered as a group on the site by a member of staff.

Having your guild registered will allow you some cool options on the site, including a custom banner under your profile in the forums, a guild subforum where you can arrange activities and leave messages for your squads, and even just show your commitment to the game. Registering your squad is also a vital requirement for purchasing Guild Halls, on any floor of Aincrad that the Guild Leader has cleared to that point.


So, what are the requirements for guild registration? Firstly, you need to create an in-game guild using the text commands that will be listed below. Once you've done that, you need to acquire enough members to have a full party - 6 players. Your guild can have plenty more players than that, but that is the absolute minimum in order to get certified as a guild.

The guild leader must be the one to register, and must have obtained a "Guild Master's Beacon" in-game. The Beacon can be purchased from the Adventurer's Guild in Tolbana for 25,000 Cor. Once your guild has been verified as meeting the minimum size requirement, your guild will be registered as a forum group, and the Beacon will be removed from your inventory. If the Guild Leader does not have a beacon, the request will be declined.


In order to apply, you will need to complete the following information into a new thread:

Guild Name:
Guild Tag:
(This may be 2-4 characters with no special characters)
Guild Leader Details:
-- Minecraft Username
-- Discord Tag
-- Forum Username
(These are needed to assign groups and privileges on server and site)
Number of members: (at time of application)
Guild Master Beacon Ownership:
Nature of Guild: (PvP, PvE, Casual, Hardcore)
Active Times: (Please provide timezone - to help new recruits find your guild)
Status: (Accepting new members/Invitation Only/Private)
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